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Our easy to use software is designed by data scientists to automate the math and insights required to turn data into actionable insights for marketers and decision makers

"We strive to bring data to life by converting numbers into actionable insights about your customers and markets."

Brad Ross, Data Scientist

About WiseGeo

WiseGeo is a source data provider that strives to provide all size businesses with competitive insights about their customers and markets.

  • Source Data: We use census data, segmentation systems, survey data and a lot of math to predict consumer attributes for household in Canada. The end result is called geo-demographic predictions at the postal code level of precision. This means based on where you live (postal code) we predict the likihood of where you will buy coffee and if will shop at a specific restaurant without any privacy concerns.
  • Data interpretation: We go beyond providing simple spreadsheets of data. We provide a software tool designed to interpret the data and provide meaningful insights on what the data means and level of importance.
  • We have assisted Canada's largest companies with software, data and consulting services.

    Today WiseGeo provides predictive data analytics to all size businesses. To get started we are offer free access to interpreted StatsCan census data (FSA postal code data).

    For advanced users we are adding new apps, data and insights on a monthly basis. We offer both subscription and per report pricing based on the data and apps need. Contact WiseGeo for more information.


    We create geography-linked source data including demographics, media, retail shopping and segmentation

    Data geeks call this geo-demographic data and use it to feed artifical intelligence and analytic projects

    Analytics Software

    We automate the best methods used by data scientists to profile customers, locations and find prospects

    Marketers call the process of converting numbers to insights data analytics, data stories and visual interpretation. Some call it a data scientist in a box

    WiseGeo - Free Version

    Sign in to view interpreted census profile data for any location in Canada

    No credit card required. Start immediately with Google, Facebook or Github secure sign in

    Extras that are not available on the census website

  • Easy to use 'Apps' to find a location - map and text search
  • WiseGeo hand-picked the most commonly used census variables for marketers
  • WiseGeo's market segmentation - 10 top level market segments
  • Unique traits for a location - demographics that stand out
  • Dynamic data visualization to help you understand the census data
  • Data


    Includes Statistics Canada (StatsCan) census profile data

    Downloadable chart with extra fields and sorting



    WiseGeo Market Segmentation included for a limited time

    Variables that are most unique for each area



    Location insight apps included for free

    Add data and apps to meet your needs and budget

    WiseGeo Services and Solutions

    Predictive Data

    1000s of privacy compliant Geography linked variables

    On-demand API - Append 1000s of predictive data variables to geo-location (web visitor latitude/longitude) or postal code (3 / 6 digit)

    Demographics, Housing, Segmentation, Media preferences, Retail shopping, and much more at multiple geography levels of precision

    Analytics Software

    Skip the number crunching process to get to information your need

    We automate the best methods used by data scientists to profile customers, locations and find prospects

    Subscription and per-report pricing available

    Location insights based on FSA census data is free

    Professional Services

    For projects that needs a professional data scientist's expertise

    We specialize in finding the data gold to support your decisions with data

    Identify and analyze your most profitable customers and locations

    Create a detailed action for targeted marketing

    WiseGeo Data Analytics

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